Centre Township Board of Supervisors
Last Updated: 10/4/13
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Contact Information

Township Engineer Vision Engineering
155 East Front Street (rear)
Lititz, PA 17543
Phone (717) 625-1930
Fax (717) 625-1931
Sewer Enforcement Officer Todd Geltmacher, S.E.O.
Phone: (717) 625-1930
Email: todd@visionengineeringinc.net
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Township Ordinances

Ordinance Number Ordinance Date Ordinance Name
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Ordinance Summary
  Stormwater Management
  • Control accelerated runoff and erosion and sedimentation problems at their source by regulating activities which cause such problems.
  • Utilize and preserve the desirable existing natural drainage systems.
  • Maintain the existing flow and quality of streams and water courses in the Township and in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • Preserve and restore the flood carrying capacity of streams.
  • Provide for proper maintenance of all permanent stormwater management structures which are constructed in the Township.
  • Insure adequate drainage of all low points along the line of streets.
  • Intercept stormwater runoff along streets at intervals related to the extent and grade of the area drained.
  • Establish criteria for computing stormwater runoff.
  • Provide positive drainage away from on-site sewage disposal facilities and buildings.
May-2006 Subdivision and Land Development An ordinance providing for the control of the subdivision and development of land and the approval of plats and replats of land within the jurisdiction of the Centre Township Board of Supervisors, as a part of the Comprehensive plan for Centre Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Map

An ordinance regulating and restricting the size of yards and other open spaces; the location and use of buildings, structures, and land for trade, industry, residence, or other purposes; the location and size of signs; the establishment and maintenance of building lines and setback building lines upon any or all public roads or highway; creating zoning districts for said purposes and establishing the boundaries thereof; creating the office of zoning officers creating a zoning hearing board and providing for the administration, amendment, and enforcement of the ordinance including the imposition of penalties, and repealing all existing ordinances inconsistent herewith
  Schuylkil River Watershed Stormwater Management An ordinance authorizing the Township of Centre, Berks County, Pennsylvania enacting the Schuylkill river watershed stormwater management ordinance as part of the Schuylkill River watershed plan in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the County of Berks to establish a comprehensive program of stormwater management, including reasonable regulation of development and activities causing accelerated
erosion fundamental to the public health, safety, welfare and the protection of the people of the
Township of Centre and all the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, their resources and the environment.
  Driveway An ordinance to regulate new and existing driveways, providing for the payment of fees for the application process and construction observation, providing for obtaining a permit upon application on a form provided by the township, providing for review and acceptance or rejection of completed application, providing for work to be completed within six (6) months of permit date unless additional time is approved, providing for construction observation by the code enforcement officer, providing construction standards and maintenance requirements including materials, grades, subgrades, drainage, sight distance, width of driveway entrances, length of driveways, slope, cuts, and fills, width of driveway, storm water control procedures, rectification of improper work, and penalties for violation.
  Well Inspection An ordinance to require an issuance of a permit or requirement of inspection by a Township officer including but not limited to the Township Code Enforcement Officer and/or Sewer Enforcement Officer, as may be required under the Uniform Commercial Code or any other ordinance, regulation, or statute, shall not guarantee or be considered a representation as to the sufficiency of the quality and / or quantity of water from said well.